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Bird watching


Our area abounds with bird life, and shows a

rich species diversity.  The local birding expert, and qualified nature guide Anne Williams, has recorded a total of 159 species of birds on our farm, and a grand total of 326 species in this region.  She conducts guided tours in diverse habitats, and can be contacted at

+27 466751976 or +27 837194950.  Visit her website at


Click here for bird species list





Apart from the various fauna seen from our homestead, self drives to the Kap River Nature Reserve and guided game viewing drives can be arranged in the Pomeroy Nature Reserve close by. Visit for more info.








Canoe rides can be undertaken along the Kap

river from our own private riverbank, for a

distance of 3Km., for a nominal fee.  Canoe

rides can also be made along the Kleinemonde river close by, also along the Kowie river in Port Alfred.

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From the homestead area, an interesting one-hour long walking trial leads down to the forested river bank below, via a picturesque kloof where many indigenous cycads can be seen in their natural habitat.  There are various walking trials within the Kap River Nature Reserve opposite, up to 7 hours’ duration.  Click on CONTACT US for further details.



The top class Fish River Sun golf course is

situated 5 Km away from our facilities, while

the very popular Royal Port Alfred Golf club

lies 24Km in the opposite direction.


Horse Riding


The Three Sisters Horse Trials, offering country as well as beach rides are based 8Km away, while The Pegasus Equestrian Estate offers rider training and country horse rides even closer by.  Click on CONTACT US for further details.




Some of the best estuarine river fishing in

South Africa, vis. at the Great Fish River is

situated only 4 Km away.  Similarly the rock

and surf angling near the river mouth, indeed

all along the coastline in this area is very good.




The local Historical Society visits our farm periodically, to relate historical events e.g. the Frontier Wars to members.  Guests wishing to look into their family histories and to explore historical sites  in the Kowie Area (where the 1820 British Settlers were established), will find a variety of places of interest nearby, eg. The Cuylerville Church, gravesites, cultural and also agricultural museums, etc.


The local Horticultural Society also arranges occasional outings to Nature View Farm, because of the wide variety of flora occurring along our cliff top, the kloofs and our river bank.


Similarly, the local Art Club pays us an annual day visit, sketching and painting the unique scenery from different vantage points.