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Our B&B accommodation facility was opened on 18 April, 1999. The name is derived from the stunning cliff top view (80M high) at the homestead, overlooking the Kap River Nature Reserve. Free roaming game, eg Red Hartebeest, Zebra, Impala, Giraffe, Eland, Bushbuck etc can be regularly observed from the cliff top view site at the edge of the front lawn. Similarly, towards sunset Cape Clawless Otters can often be seen from the vantage points, fishing in the river far below.





view site also offers a "birds eye view" of the birds, as one can observe birds from above, particularly during late afternoons, when many species of birds fly low down along the river in order to find roosting spots for the night. Some bird species breed along the cliffs below, eg Lanner Falcons (the subject of a recent bird research project by a local university), Black Headed Herons, Rock Kestrels etc., while African Fish Eagles tend to breed along the opposite cliff, providing aerial displays and entertaining guests with their characteristic calls.

Our area in fact abounds with bird life.  The local birding expert, and qualified nature guide Anne Williams, has recorded a total of 159 species of birds on our farm, and a grand total of 326 species in this region.  She conducts guided tours in diverse habitats, and can be contacted at +27 466751976 or +27 837194950.  Visit her website at

Adding to the appeal of our establishment, is the fact that no other human settlements are evident across the way, giving one the feeling of tranquility and aloneness in nature. During full moon periods, the setting is particularly romantic, as the Kap river, as well as the Great Fish River in the valley below, shimmer and shine in the moonlight.

From the homestead area, an interesting one-hour long walking trial leads down to the forested river bank , via a picturesque kloof where many indigenous cycads can be seen in their natural habitat. Canoe rides along the Kap river further into the nature reserve can be undertaken for a nominal fee, from our own private river bank. Looking skywards from our river bank, one marvels at the large caves scattered high up along the cliff face, which can only be reached from above by means of abseiling. The cliff, with its scoured caves was evidently formed in ancient times, possibly scoured through glacier action. Other rounded stones and different rocks were also deposited at that time according to some visiting geologists. Though there seems to be no San paintings inside the caves, it is thought that the San did in fact make use of the caves in days gone by, also when considering that not all San tribes practised rock art. According to folklore, the caves were also used rather more recently by the British for storing ammunition during the frontier wars. One of these caves evidently also served as a haven for a refugee of the local Webb family, fleeing from a farm massacre at that time. Lastly, as a point of interest the opposite bank of the Kap River was used by the Xhosa tribes for driving along cattle stolen from the settler farmers, to a drift further along, where the Great Fish River could be crossed with relative ease.

Our accommodation facility currently only caters for a single family (ie one couple) at a time, and comprises an upstairs double bedroom, with large observation windows in all four walls, allowing a 360 degree angle of view. The downstairs area comprises a bathroom with a toilet, shower and hand basin, also a relaxation area with a large sliding glass door overlooking the view.

While not fully geared for self catering at this stage, our guests are free to use our sheltered and rustic braai area, which has been fitted with lights for evening braais, and which sports a pretty Koi fish pond underneath indigenous trees.  Braai wood and equipment is provided at no extra charge.

We serve a full English breakfast, including freshly laid free range eggs from the chicken run out back, and freshly squeezed pure pineapple juice.  Light evening meal can also be arranged at a reasonable price.