The following is a listing of most of the various bottled products we keep in stock at our farm stall.As most fruits are seasonal in nature, not all of the products will be available at any given time.

BOTTLED FRUIT: Guava, Pear, Pineapple Guava (Feijoa fruit), Quince

CHUTNEY: Apple, Apple & Garlic & Mint, Banana, Basil Tomato, Cape Dried Fruit, Chilli (Audrey's Red Hot), Kumquat, Mixed Fruit, Pineapple, Plum, Plum & Sultana, Tamarillo (New Zealand Tree Tomato)

HONEY: Drogie (Indigenous plant), Fynbos, Orange Blossom, Saligna, Wild Flower

JAMS: Aloe, Apricot, Babaco (Brazilian Paw paw like fruit), Banana, Blackberry, Cherry, Cherry Guava, Cranberry, Fig, Gooseberry, Grape (Hanepoot), Grape (Sultana), Granadilla & Lemon, Guava & Citrus, Kumquat, Loquat, Melon & Aniseed, Melon & Ginger, Melon & Lemon, Mulberry, Paw Paw, Peach, Peach & Cherry, Peach & Blackberry, Pineapple, Pineapple Guava (Feijoa fruit), Pineapple & Melon, Pear, Plum, Plum & Passion Fruit, Prune, Quince, Strawberry, Sweet Melon, Tamarillo, Tomato, Tropical Fruit Mix, Waterblommetjie, Watermelon & Cherry, Wild Plum (indigenous), Youngberry

JELLIES: Apple, Crab Apple, Ginger, Green Apple, Loquat, Mint, Parsley & Lemon, Quince, Rose Geranium

MARMALADES: 3-Fruit, 5-Fruit, Apricot & Orange, Citron (thick-skinned citrus), Clementine (citrus), Country (mix), Ginger & Lemon & Lime, Grape Fruit (Ruby), Lemon & Granadilla, Lemon & Mint, Orange & Ginger, Orange & Granadilla, Orange & Lemon, Orange (Seville)

PICKLES & PRESERVES: Agurkie (sweet baby Gherkin), Carrot (Orange & Ginger), Chinese Apple, Citron, Citrus String (Orange peels), Curried Beans, Grape (Sultana curried), Green Fig, Green Pepper Relish, Kumquat, Lemon Curd, Mustard (Apricot), Mustard (Garlic), Mustard (Sweet), Olive (Black), Onion (Mustard), (Onion (Slaphakskeentjies - sweet/sour), Onion (Sour), Onion (Sweet), Orange, Peach, Peach (Curried), Piccalilli, Quail Eggs, Relish, Sweet Melon, Watermelon

PICKLES & PRESERVES(MILD ALCOHOL BASE): Apricots in Witblits (Boeremeisies), Cherries in Witblits, Grapes (Hanepoot) in Witblits (Kaapse Jongens), Grapes (Red) in Witblits (Rooinekke), Pears in Red Wine, Prunes in Brandy or Witblits (Ou KÍrels), Raisins in Witblits (Boerejongens), Strawberries in v/d Hum liqueur